Building and Being Part of Great Hockey Teams

Book Concept


It Takes 23 to Win is a one-of-a-kind, large format book that features 23 retired NHL players from the 1960s to the present, who assemble 23-man rosters of former teammates to compete in a fantasy playoff. Players provide candid, first-person stories and insight about competing to win with these teammates.

What Else?


It Takes 23 to Win also examines the pieces and parts that made up 12 exemplary Stanley Cup winning teams, delves into how the leadership groups on eight storied international teams steered their teams to overcome adversity, and provides fresh perspectives on the intense Canada-USA rivalry from Hall of Famers and gold medalists in women's and sledge hockey. 

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Each page is crafted to engage the reader with colorful immersive content and unique insider insight that brings you into NHL dressing rooms across the modern era (post-1967 expansion). Supplemented with statistical panels, punctuated with contributions from Cup-winning NHL GMs, head coaches and players... there's even a fun throwback game program.

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Only available on this website, not sold in stores or on Amazon. Printed version only, because the 600+ hockey images and artifacts featured in the book could not be fully enjoyed in e-book format. It Takes 23 to Win is expected to sell-out like the author’s other books.

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Book Reviews


“With the release of It Takes 23 to Win, the question is ‘Why has no one thought to do this book before?’ It’s the same question people asked when Farris broke the hockey publishing mold with Hockey Play-by-Play and then again with Behind the Moves.” – Brian Burke, Stanley Cup-winning GM

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Media Coverage


Watch the full interview here with NHL Now host EJ Hradek and author Jason Farris

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Customer Testimonials


“A rare gem of a book that will satisfy the hockey nerd in all of us!  Stats, stories, insights, and a great concept.  A must read for any real hockey fan!" – C.W., Minneapolis, MN

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