Customer Testimonials

"It Takes 23 to Win is an exploration of the minds of winners, as well as an insight into the depth and diversity within hockey culture. It was engaging to read through the stories and rationales of the player-picked squads." – J.M., Edmonton, AB

“I would imagine this book will spark many debates over a cold beer or two down at the local pub about what it really takes to build a great hockey team!” – S.W., Kelowna, BC


“Got the book this afternoon, wow. So cool!! Incredible amount of work into this piece and it shows. It’s so fun reading the perspectives through the generations. Also love the old ads sprinkled throughout the entire book, plus the hockey cards, great touch.” – D.M., Detroit, MI

It Takes 23 to Win is spectacular on every level. A huge contribution and celebration of the game. It’s killer good.” – D.D., Toronto, ON

"A fantastic trip down memory lane and offers an insider's look at what makes a great team." – P.T., Centennial, CO

"The depth of detail is so fascinating and educational." – J.O., Columbia, MD

The Keeper of the Cup

“What a great book! Just imagine if one of these player-picked teams in It Takes 23 to Win won the Stanley Cup . . . the summer the team and each player would have celebrating with it. . . . It would almost be another chapter in the book.” — Philip Pritchard, the “Keeper of the Cup”